Mediterranean flavors

Mediterranean restaurants are always very popular, and for good reason, their aromatic herbs, spices their warming and their powerful flavors such as olives and feta cheese makes this exotic cuisine and comforting. Now you can enjoy your favorites such as hummus and falafel raw version!

In this workshop you will learn Mediterranean flavors :

  • How to make hummus without chickpeas
  • How to use the dehydrator to prepare fried falafel without
  • How to prepare a wheat free tabouli
  • How perfect rolling dolmas with a garnish of "rice" of zuchinis
  • How to override the phyllo dough with thin slices of apples to create a beautiful baklava.


Next workshop:

Date to come (at Centre de santé l'Équilibre)

from 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Cost: 80$/pers.  Reservation required