Breakfast & Brunch

Lunch is the meal should be as healthy as a heavy lunch at this time can be difficult to digest and slow you down. This workshop has a menu for all tastes juices and smoothies for maximum vitality or weight loss as well as tasty and comforting breakfast such as oatmeal and granola and more decadent or those such as cinnamon buns and pancakes.

In the workshop you will learn breakfast & brunch :

  • How to make juices and smoothies are the best way to integrate greenery that you need daily
  • How to fill your 5 servings / day of fruits and vegetables in a smoothie than 5 minutes
  • How to make granola low in carbohydrates from nuts and seeds
  • How to make vegetable milks made from nuts and seeds
  • How soak oat groats to concoct a thought even better than cooked
  • How to prepare pancakes without flour with fruit toppings for your brunch


Next workshop:

Date to come (at Centre de santé l'Équilibre)

from 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Cost: 80$/pers.  Reservation required