Latin American flavors

People crack for Mexican food when the time comes to have something comforting and spicy. Who does not love snacking on chips and salsa in front of a good video? Unfortunately, traditional Mexican cuisine is known to be rich in calories and fat and low in vegetables. Once you have learned the techniques of preparation of this workshop, you can prepare delicious Mexican food quite healthy for you and your friends!

In the workshop you will learn latin american flavors :

  • How to use the dehydrator to prepare crispy chips made of flax and vegetables, perfect for guacamole
  • How to cut your vegetables to make a perfect salsa
  • How to use the dehydrator to prepare flexible wraps made of vegetables to make perfect tortillas for enchiladas
  • How to use shredded cabbage replace rice for a lighter version of Mexican rice
  • How to prepare a mexican chocolate mousse as delicious dessert 


Next workshop:

Date to come (at Centre de santé l'Équilibre)

from 1:00pm to 4:00pm

Cost: 80$/pers.  Reservation required