Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a series of manipulations applied to the muscles and joints with the aim of replenishing tired, out of shape or congested muscles. It improves blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, cell nutrition and toxin elimination.



Hot stones massage

Soft and gentle massage done with hot volcanic stones. The heat induced to the muscles brings deep relaxation and comfort.



Lymphatic drainage

Light pumping along the lymphatic system to purify, regenerate and relieve congestion in the body. It stimulates the immune system and is also useful for the elimination of anesthetics, recuperation from the shock of surgery, reduction of swelling, proper development of scar tissue, heavy legs, cellulitis, etc.



Feet massage using accupressure on reflex points to stimulate the different organs and to rebalance energy in all parts of the body.






Balance in mind massage

Complete head massage combining lymphatic drainage, facial and scalp massage. Excellent for migraines, congestion due to allergies or flu, sinusitis, headaches, or just to escape from everyday responsibilities!