Colonic irrigation

The best way to purify your body at its source!

"The best diet is not better than the worst ones if the colon, in charge of eliminating a large portion of the body's metabolic waste, is blocked with old putrefied fecal waste buildup"

Dr. N. W. Walker, D. SC.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a technique which gently cleanses the colon. The hygienist circulates filtered water in the colon using a sterilized double pipe cannula. The cannula permits the water to enter and then channels out the evacuated waste in a sealed pipe, so that the treatment is odorless.

While the water circulates, the hygienist does abdominal massages, which have the effect of dislodging colonic deposits, without the need of the person to move, hold the liquid in or force.

The cost for a 45 - 60 min. treatment :  $69.58*

* taxes extra

The benefits of a colonic irrigation :

  • A general feeling of well-being
  • A feeling of lightness, of relaxation
  • A clearer and calmer mind
  • Better sleep
  • Better renal and hepatic functions
  • Reinforced immunity
  • Relief of inflammatory and congestive states


Colonic irrigation helps relieve many health problems :

  • Obesity and bad digestion
  • Sluggishness of the digestive system,constipation, diarrhea
  • Gas, flatulence, abdominal weakness
  • Oedema, inflammations, colitis, diverticulitis
  • Parasites, candida albicans
  • Difficult menstruations
  • Renal infufficiency


Colonic irrigation should not be practiced in the following cases :

  • Acute intestinal ulcers or digestive perforation
  • Recent surgical operations on the colon
  • Cancerous tumor of the colon in progressive stage
  • Uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Hemorrhoid in acute stage